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One of my favorites quotes is by Rumi – “Be a lamp, a lifeboat, a ladder. Let your soul heal.”  

I’ve identified with the lamp, the lifeboat, and the ladder.   It took me many, many years though to allow my soul to heal.  The caregiver role has been mine as long as I can remember.  Becoming a nurse was an extension of who I had always been.  It wasn’t until I was experiencing burnout, anxiety, and depression that I recognized my soul was in need of some healing.  Some light.  

And so I began my own healing journey.  

              Hello there.

Do you ever feel like you’re running on empty?  Are you worn out, exhausted, and irritable with the unrealistic dream that someone will sweep in on a white horse and rescue you?

Life is hard, difficult to navigate, and there is no compass to guide as as we journey through life.  At times, it can be very difficult to visualize our path through the darkness of trauma, illness, loss, depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress.  It may be even more difficult to even visualize that there is a light at the end.  I know there is, because I have moved through so much of it already, and I’ve helped countless others do the same.

               Imagine this….

You wake up full of energy, eager to start the day.  You are focused and efficient.  Relaxed, calm, clear.  You flow through your days with confidence and optimism.  

Your relationships are healthy and strong.  You feel ready for anything.  

You are free to do your best work, be your best self. Your friends, family and clients can feel the difference.

I’m Abbegail Eason, a holistic coach and registered nurse.  I’d love to help you get through your challenges with ease and grace.  I’ve developed coaching packages and hold quarterly retreats to support you on your journey to emotional well-being.

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Kind and compassionate

Big hug,