When life feels draining and exhausting,

and we don’t have the support system that we need in order to make the changes we want to make,

partnering with a coach can be incredibly effective.

What, you thought only athletes had coaches?  Well, think again.

Some of the world’s most influential and successful people hire coaches.  For accountability.  For expertise.  For personal development.

I offer an integrated coaching approach that honors the client’s own inner knowing as well as a Whole Person perspective.

The client and I work in partnership to create the insights and discover the wisdom and path to true transformation

in accordance with the Bark Coaching Institute Approach of including body, mind, spirit and more.  The client’s as well as my own.

To quote Linda Bark, “I’m helping my clients identify and integrate (partner with) more parts of themselves, to see more options,  and to consider new possibilities.  That healing partnership restores a sense of wholeness from which whatever issues they bring can be addressed.

While working together virtually or in person, you will develop the skills and thought patterns to better handle life’s emotional ups and downs.

You will…

  •       have more energy, feel more rested and renewed
  •       deepen your connection to others and the world
  •       learn to trust your own Heart’s Intelligence and be able to hear your own innate wisdom
  •       clear limiting beliefs that are holding you back from your full potential
  •       reconnect with your joy
  •        have healthier, more loving relationships
  •        learn how to manage your emotional troubles

How does that sound?  If you are ready to feel better and take care of yourself, then I’d like to help.

Working with Me

I offer several highly individualized coaching packages for you to receive the guidance, insight, and accountability

necessary for transformation, renewal and healing.  We will meet virtually, via Zoom, so you can be anywhere in the world.

I also offer:

VIP Days, both in person and virtual

Weekend and Destination Retreats

Online and live classes and workshops

Connect to find out more

Before your 15 minute Clarity Session, I will ask you to complete a questionnaire so we have a topic for the call.

We will speak on the phone where you have the chance to experience a coaching session with me.

By the end of the call, you will have several concrete steps or plan to move you toward your goal.

If we both decide if working together has value, you can then decide the best option.

I have found a minimum of 3 months is necessary to achieve lasting change, with 12 months bring ideal.  This may be longer depending on your goals.


So, how much longer are you willing to continue to let life kick you where it hurts?

Schedule your call with me now.

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