La Dolce Vita…

Have you ever been on a luxury retreat?  

Imagine sitting in the Tuscan twilight, sipping a glass of the most luscious SuperTuscan you’ve ever tasted, surrounded by others who share the same desire as you… to live La Dolce Vita, the sweet life.  The air is scented with jasmine and linden blossoms.  The deer are barking in the fields, and somewhere off in the distance, you hear a band starting to play.  You feel completely at ease, and happy.

Don’t we all want the sweet life?   To enjoy the little things?

While in Italy, you’ll learn how to get back in touch with yourself, how to slow down and enjoy the moment, and above all, you’ll learn more about yourself,

When you return home, you won’t even need a vacation after your vacation!




Hakuna Matata

How about a retreat in the vast savannas of Africa, listening to elephants, lions and the funny sound of wildebeest?   And the birdsong…. I’ll never forget the incredible diversity of life on safari.

The circle of life so evident in Africa makes it the perfect location for a retreat about resilience, ritual, and the endless cycle of life and death.  

I’d love to experience it with you.  My first safari was truly life-changing, and the only holiday I ever experienced that left me completely in awe, renewed and ready for almost anything.  


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