Map Your World with JourneyCircles 

JourneyCircles™, creativity, collage, vision

Offering JourneyCircles™ workshops to envision what we desire, heal what we have experienced, and understand our lives.


JourneyCircles™ was created by Cat Caracelo as a creative mapping process  to for both art and creative process.   This process offers a valuable tool to tap into your intuition and inner wisdom.


The JourneyCircles Process


So, let me explain,,,,


There are 4 card types:


  • The Spiral Path cards reflect you on your life journey and can be used to explore parts of self, ages and stages, emotions, movement, challenge, choice and voice.


  • The Transformation cards contain individual messages reflecting seven principles of transformation, and the symbolic key.


  • The Compass cards are way finders, representing the symbols, gifts and tools you use when traveling through your life.


  • The Spectrum cards show the paradox and opposite expressions of shadow and light in your life experience. They can be used to explore visual narrative, shadow process, spectrum of self, experience and life patterns.


JourneyCircles™ workshops; creative mapping; visionboard


Using images, symbols, words or paint, you will be led on your own unique creative process.  With glue and scissors (and maybe paint or ink), you will create your personalized cards.


These cards become visual representation of your journey, an event, or a challenge.   I use my cards to inspire action, to deepen my understanding of the past and to transform limiting beliefs.


As a Licensed JourneyCircles™ Facilitator and Holistic Coach, I would like guide you on a journey of self-discovery and activation.  I offer live and virtual JourneyCircles™ workshops as well as including the process in my coaching packages.


Here are a few of my cards and spreads:


JourneyCircles™, creativity, collage; inspiration
One of my inspirational cards
JourneyCircles™, creativity, collage
Pattern play and mapping