2017, Year of Saying Yes

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2017 has sure been a ride, and I’m talking roller coaster style.  

Some of you already know that I took a big leap of faith this year.  I kind of did it backwards than most people would.  

You know how people dream of saving up to move to Italy?  Well, after living in Italy for the past 11 years, I quit my job and moved back to the US.  

Crazy, right?  Especially in today’s world.

Sometimes I think so… it hasn’t been easy adjusting to being back in the States.  Just being honest here.  

I really miss the simple, delicious fresh food, the abundant and inexpensive prosecco, the language, the exquisite beauty and light, and how you can just jump in a car or train and arrive somewhere completely different in just a few hours.  

Then, I remember why I’m here.  

I’ll talk about that more in another post, but for now I’ll say that I decided to say yes to myself.  

Yes to a full life.  Yes to finding my own community.  Yes to following my dreams and living in alignment with my values of joy, connection, creativity, freedom, kindness, compassion and courage.  

It’s taken all of my courage during this transition, and every day I remember why I’m on this journey:  

To inspire someone else who’s feeling completely stuck that they can CHOOSE to do something different.  

To shine a light in the world by helping others overcome their challenges with grace and compassion.

To give others permission that it’s okay to be imperfect and ask for help.

To seek the path that’s calling me with curiosity and gratitude.

What if you said yes to your dreams?

Ciao for now…

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